[Game] Assassin’s Creed: Origins [PS4]

I was a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed games after AC2 came out. I had nearly dismissed the games entirely when I first played Assassin’s Creed, because Altair used to really piss me off. Constantly running at walls but not climbing even though I had just climbed it before and things like that. I remember getting lost more often than not because the map would drive me crazy and I wouldn’t realize I was going the wrong way.

But then AC2 came out and it got SO much better. There were still some minor setbacks but… those included, I still loved it. Brotherhood and Revelations were fun to play. Though… by the end of Revelations I was beginning to get over the whole story (Ezio is still ❤ though). AC3, still haven’t finished it to be honest. I like Conner… there were definitely some relatively funny parts in the game… I just lost interest.

I bought Rogue, Unity and Syndicate… but still haven’t played them yet… Actually Syndicate only recently came out of it’s box because I bought a digital set on PS Store and traded in my hard copies…

I adored playing Black Flag. I still haven’t finished it, but that’s because I had so much fun doing side quests (and sitting on the boat listening to the crew sing the shanties) that I never got around to doing the main story line. I upgraded it from PS3 to PS4 when the option became available, since the PS4 console came out not too long after the PS3 release.

So, TL;DR is – Played AC1, hated it. Played AC2, loved it. Brotherhood & Revelations, completed. Black Flag, loooove. Rogue, Unity & Syndicate, owned but not played.

And now we come to Origins.

I didn’t think I would get that into it to be honest. Considering how I played Black Flag.. even though I loved the game, I would play for maybe an hour or two and then not touch it again for months. I picked up my copy of Origins last Friday. It’s been a week. I have barely stopped playing it.

I got so lost in playing it that there are a few of the targets that I really couldn’t wait to kill because they pissed me off so much that I wanted them dead. The game has made me nearly cry a couple of times already. And given me so many laughs.

I start out doing a couple of main story line quests and then it’s 5 hours later and I’ve just been doing loot objectives and side quests. One side quest I was doing was on an island. No boats on the island so when I decided to leave I had to borrow a boat. On the return to shore the poor owner died in a shock croc attack, and when I went to throw the body overboard the croc jumped at the boat and stole the body. I was just sitting here staring at the screen shocked, and then couldn’t stop laughing. It’s one of those you had to be there to see it moments, part of me wishes I recorded my game play.

From my Ubisoft achievement list it doesn’t look like I’ve made it past Act 2 yet. (Though I am not entirely sure how many chapters/acts there are). I have come out of the animus.. twice? now I think.. maybe 3 times? I used to gauge my chapters by when I’d leave the Animus because of the story rather than purposely logging out.

I do still have issues with the sometimes extremely long loading screens I seem to have, and I have not been without glitches, game freezes and random game error shut downs… But it’s like an itch I just have to scratch. I think about playing all day until I finally give in to the urge and play. Only problem is it’s so easy to get sucked in for hours on end… which is both good and bad… (for me anyway).

It took a while to get used to the gear equip. And I hate that we can’t double assassinate or even use the hidden blade as a weapon after being spotted by an enemy. While I can understand why we don’t have it, after playing with it and then losing it…. it makes my style of playing a bit harder, I have grown accustomed to it now though.

I am not really a fan of the Helix store… it’s very MMOish (though I will admit that buying the location pack for the Tombs, Star Circles and Hermit spots was handy)… and the photo shit that pops up on your map from other players taking photos in certain places. While I am fine with it being a trophy achievement, it really bugs me having their photos pop up all over my map (and the option to have them removed doesn’t stay as default).

While I wont say anything about the story, I will end this post with this:

Give the game a go, it’s good. It helped me find the joy in playing AC games again.
And some little tidbits of my time playing:

There are some characters that I have very deep suspicions of.
There were some characters that I was fine with and even liked.. but now they are getting on my nerves and I’m starting to really dislike them.
I have learned to not trust certain character types straight away, they are very deceiving.
And that when I met certain characters, just by that first interaction with them I have pretty accurately predicted their fate.
The game has certain cuss words in it that are certainly NOT safe for small ears.

Also… I seem to have a love for poisoning enemies which then can sometimes *cough*most-of-the-time*cough* lead the the destruction of nearly an entire town due to innocent civilians getting too close to infected corpses and getting sick.. only to keep walking and passing along the infection… Even when I try to remove the contaminated corpse I end up infecting livestock and whatnot which still leads to civilian death… which the game likes to remind me constantly that a Medjay does NOT kill innocent civilians.

Nice to know…But it’s not like I was infecting/killing them on purpose.

Play it, don’t play it.. It’s up to you. But it’s pretty good, so far no massive complaints on my part. Aside from one little thing in the story which I won’t spoil but really pissed me off… and the reason why the assassination of the Crocodile was extremely satisfying.