Game Rant: Fiesta Online

Okay, so I have been playing this game for roughly ten years now. On and off at least, I am currently taking a break from the game and haven’t played it in about 6+ months. I started playing with my best friend when we were about 16-17, and at the time we were pretty much addicted, spending more time online with our guild mates then in the real world.

When we started playing the game it was run by Outspark. It was a fairly decent game, it of course had a few glitches and it was one of the lesser online mmo games that you could play, it was chosen due to being a FTP (Free to Play) game. When we began it was a four server setup with four classes to choose from. However your class didn’t matter as all quests were exactly the same. I have since told people who want to play that it is a game for people purely wanting to pass the time with a relatively mindless hack and slash routine. Of course it contained a premium item store, which you could purchase items from with real money that was converted into Spark Cash (it has since changed to Slime Coins). There was a ban on using other people to purchase (and gift to you) SC items for in game currency, which at that time was extremely expensive due to a small game market place and next to no large in game currency rewards.

As the game changed over the years more items were added to the game, rare armor sets, weapons and accessories, which at that time were set at a relatively decent price, depending on what kind of stats it had and whether or not someone had taken the time (and real cash) to enhance the item grade. The highest item grade back then was a +9. Each enhancement level boosted the stats of the item and increased its value to other players, the rarity also added to the value boost. The best item to obtain was a Blue armor set and weapon set.

Since adding new features, such as guild academies and apprenticeships, it has become extremely easy to get in game currency. Because of that the prices of items and gear have skyrocketed. The price of worthless gear now is ridiculously expensive, what used to be worth 50-100 silver is now worth over 1-3 gold.

About a year or so ago (really not sure exactly how long ago it was), it was taken over by Gamigo. And since then the game has spiraled further down to becoming a complete waste of time. While two new classes were added, they add anything to the gameplay. The quest lines were still the same. The experience gained, still the same… everything is still pretty much the same. The only thing they have changed is some of the town maps, and a few of the monster skins. Which dont really add much to the game. Some of the monsters are uglier than they were before!

With added bonuses like Lucky House, you get a daily allowance of coins to spend on a lucky dip, which if you play often enough does become worth it. Because some of the items you gain are either worth a lot of money, or are useful to the player. But it is a lucky dip, you may get something worthless, or something worthwhile. It all depends on how many coins you save to put the time into standing there collecting items and hoping for the best.

The enhancement has been raised to +11 which uses stones that are hard to come by, usually you can only get them by dismantling previously enhanced gear. Which you dont want to waste by dismantling. You can purchase them from other players of course, but they are so expensive that it really isnt worth it. Besides, enhancement is only beneficial if you spend real cash to buy items that stop your item from downgrading or breaking upon a failed enhancement. And the enhancement itself is a luck of the draw kind of deal. There is no right or wrong way to enhance, it all comes down to luck.

A lot of other players have stated that Fiesta is a Pay to Win game, personally I don’t feel that way. It’s only like that if you want to do PVP battles without failing miserably. The bonus chest you receive at the beginning of the game which only unlocks at certain levels, is beneficial for the most part. If you are someone who likes to spend hours on end playing, and dont tire of repeatable quests, and have really good tanking stats, or have a cleric on hand (or if you mix the two, a Clank) then the game is easily playable without premium items.

The worst part was when they made Tradable Premium items. Orginally you were unable to purchase premium items for your own account and then give them to someone else in the game. You couldn’t even store them in your personal storage, it had to be used on the character you took it from the premium gift window on. Now you can purchase tradable goods, which also sell for ridiculous amounts of in game currency.

The highest grade of coin in the game is a Gem. It goes Gem, Gold, Silver and then Copper. I used to struggle to sit on about 5 gold over years of playing. When I last played I had over 1 and a half gem, from a few months worths of playing. Which proves just how easy it is to gain money now, given that most crafting materials have risen in worth, stupidly high in fact, I mostly sold off materials that I or my friend didn’t use in crafting and made a mint.

Teleportation scrolls sell for an obscene amount too. You never saw a Roumen (Level 1, starter town) scroll go for more than 10 silver. It goes for over 200 silver now. Which is stupid since they brought in portals that take you just about anywhere you want to go for FREE, provided that the higher level areas are locked unless you are a certain level or higher.

The main reason for the rambling rant however is, that those 6+months of me not playing was due to a server merge. We were told months ago that due to lack of players on the now 6 (i believe) servers, they would be merging the servers together and creating three servers to house the remaining active players. They would be resetting our personal storage, our guilds and unfortunately all marriages on servers. Which is really irritating since to get married (which offers stat bonuses to couples and teleportation bonuses) is only available by purchasing the wedding application from the premium store.

We did get to make the decision about where we would be headed, probably so that friends and in game spouses could stick together on the same server. So they brought out a server merge website allowing us to log in and move our characters to the new servers. Yay, great. Easy done. Thanks guys!

….. 6+ Months Later….


This was supposed to happen in December 2014, we are now in July 2015, and after recently reopening the closed server merge website for anyone who wished to make any final changes, or for those who didnt get a chance to make their changes in the 2-3 months or whatever it was before merge was supposed to happen, could make their changes. The plans for server merge have apparently entered their final stage.

Then in their most recent maintenance report they told everyone they would be adding new content… What the hell is the point of new content when you haven’t completed the server merge yet? It just opens up a whole lot of issues for when the server merge happens, and Fiesta has never in the past ten years of me playing, been bug/glitch free. They fix one thing and something else glitches. Same old, same old.

And while some of those glitches were actually pretty handy. Most were a massive pain in the ass.

I guess to end this relatively pointless rant. I just don’t see the point in adding new content to a game is that constantly losing players, which is why you need to merge the 6 servers down to 3. I am one player who refuses to waste my time on a game that will eventually shut down for god knows how long until the merge is complete.

So I will stay on my hiatus from Fiesta until such time, and even then, after having to wait for so damn long… Who knows if I will even return at all.