[KDrama] Sweet Enemy

So it has been a while since Sweet Enemy finished. It has taken me a while to get over how crappy the ending was.

Was it just me or was the ending forced? With everything drawn out for so long, the ending was just… over? Like that? She decided to go abroad and study… and then come back to Jae Wook.

I managed to get through the first 30+ episode drivel… for the exciting revenge section to be so drawn out and tedious that I started to wonder if it was even worth waiting for the end. It seemed that Se Na and her family would get away with everything. Then OH WOW, BUSTED. All because she tried and failed to kill Dal Nim, and instead put Sun Ho in a coma, and then kidnapped Dal Nim…

It was like from one extreme to the next, and not in a good way. We watched Dal Nim struggle with Sun Ho being injured instead of her, which quite honestly made me root for Dal Nim and Sun Ho to be together. It seemed okay… as much as he was once engaged to, and in love with, her younger sister. It would have been a decent ending to see them be together.  Choigo Foods was essentially her company by the end. Regardless of who was the CEO. Without her adopted Fathers technique there would be no company anyway. Sun Ho and Dal Nim being married and running it together would have made sense.

Instead she ends up with her adopted brother… like.. what the hell. Now look. Jae Wook was a lovely guy, for sure. He was the only one who believed her from the get go that she was innocent. I get that, I get that due to their past and all that other junk that he fell in love with her, and then through everything with after the murder and her imprisonment she ended up having feelings for him. But COME ON. When you find out that she is your adopted mothers biological daughter, and you’ve been living as her son for years… wouldn’t that set of a whole bunch of conflicting feelings on whether or not you should continue to pursue a relationship with her?

It also bugged me that she never called him Jae Wook. It was always Chef Jung. Korean or not… If you have romantic feelings for someone, and are dating them, wouldn’t you call them by their actual name? They aren’t your boss, they’re your partner.

Man, I could rant for hours about how much that show just did not make all that much sense to me. How many times I was conflicted over the fact that she was going to end up with Jae Wook.

Normally, unless the coupling is really good, I tend to root for the second male lead because you know they aren’t going to get her in the end… but they normally make the better choice as a couple… I get cranky that the lead female is blind to the fact that she should have been with the second male lead and ends up with the lead male. But this time was sooo different.

I can’t believe I spent all that time watching and waiting on that show for it to end that way. I may be one of the only ones who was disappointed by the ending. But honestly, aside from a few amusing moments.. I was disappointed by the whole show. It is not one that I will ever feel the need to watch again.