[KDrama] Sweet Enemy

Spoilers Ahead

So we’re almost over. 3 episodes remaining in this topsy turvy twister of a show.

I had not expected that she would end up with Jae Wook. That was a bit of a curve ball thrown my way. Generally when you watch these types of shows…. she would end up with the lead, Sun Ho. While I know we still have 3 episodes left… considering they announced their engagement, I really don’t think Jae Wook will just bow out gracefully and hand her over to Sun Ho… and of course Dal Nim does like Jae Wook.

I understand why she may not have ended up with Sun Ho… but adopted brother or not… it seemed a little strange to grasp that she would end up with Jae Wook and that everyone would be fine with it. Like … how is this going to play out? Her biological Mum becomes her Mother-in-law or… Jae Wooks? Or did I miss something and Jae Wook wasn’t adopted, just taken in?

So Se Na tried to kill Sun Ho, well gee that’s a shocker… (not really, she was going completely crazy). Surprising that she didn’t try to kill Dal Nim after she was somewhat unconscious after the car crashed… she was so intent on killing her before she killed herself. And how lucky for Dal Nim that Jae Wook has such strong deductive powers to realise they were heading to the summer house.

Se Na was finally taken to prison… I guess the final 3 episodes will show her going crazy to the point of confession. And she will probably get to see Sun Ho (I get the feeling he will probably go visit her in prison, and be one of the reasons she decides to confess). Not a surprise that she was adamant about not being guilty. She still refuses to face what she did.

Here are my guesses for how the rest of the show will play out:

  • Sun Ho visiting Se Na and her finally confessing & begging Sun Ho/Jae Hee for forgiveness.
  • The court hearing which will formally clear Dal Nims name, and convict Se Na & her family
  • Dal Nim and Jae Wooks wedding (disappointing, but … fine. whatever)
  • Possibly a “x amount of time later” at the very end. Ruby will have had the baby, Dal Nim will probably be pregnant or finds out shes pregnant…and every one is living happily ever after while Se Na and fam rot in prison.
  • Possibility that Se Kang gets released… and he may get to see his baby. (Not holding my breath for that though, I find it to be a highly unlikely scenario)

While I don’t expect everything to come true (… likely only thing I’ll get wrong is Dal Nim being pregnant… unless of course she does some how end up with Sun Ho and I end up wrong about the wedding too)… I am already a little disappointed. Part of me had kind of hoped that she would end up with Sun Ho. Not because it’s so ingrained to the usual plot line that main characters end up together, but because I just didn’t feel a connection between Dal Nim and Jae Wook.

While I did feel sorry for him when he found out that the woman he loved was his sister (not biologically of course), I don’t feel either of them even tried to change the way they saw each other. But I couldn’t see some deep romantic connection between them either. Maybe it’s because Dal Nim is so emotionally stiff. Though she isn’t so emotionally stiff crying next to Sun Ho while he lays in the goddamn hospital bed! While you can see they care about each other a lot, it just doesn’t feel like a strong romantic bond. Maybe it’s just me… I don’t know.

How many people really expected her to end up with Jae Wook? Honestly.

Well I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes…