[KDrama] Sweet Enemy E72

Spoiler ahead.


Well. Um. Shit.

That was not what I expected.

Well… wow. So the fake daughter didn’t last nearly as long as I expected her to.

As much as when she said she would reveal it herself, I had expected that she would become another ally to Dal Nim, even if it was secretly. But Dal Nim finds out that she’s not really Yoons daughter, and the whole thing exploded straight away.

I am interested to see how Se Na and her mother try to get themselves out of this one, unless they admit that they faked it with the real daughters DNA… or can explain getting an expert to completely fake the results… I wonder how will they explain themselves…

And I think Jae Wook will be the one to find out next that Dal Nim is his actual sister. (Poor bloke).

I wonder if he will be the one who breaks it to his mother.

Though, it makes me wonder exactly how many more episodes we can be expecting from Sweet Enemy. If the fake daughter is already revealed, and Yoon is demanding (in the preview) for Se Na and her mother to be locked up… and Jae Wook notices that Dal Nim has similar baby clothes to the ones his mother has for his lost sister…

How much longer until they find Dal Nims adoptive mother? How long until it’s revealed that Dal Nim is Yoons daughter? How much longer until it’s revealed that Se Na was the real murderer?

I also wonder if Dal Nim will accept that Yoon is her biological mother or if she will deny it and stay with her adoptive mother. I can’t really see Yoon accepting it straight off the bat either, but still…

Also, I can’t feel bad for Se Kang. I tried to when I realised that he was in a happy marriage with Ruby. But he got it by cheating on his pregnant fiancee and then pinning his sisters crime on her. He has bribed, threatened and been an absolute douchebag. Sorry not sorry Se Kang, you deserve it to all fall apart on you too. I feel bad for Ruby though. She has no idea what kind of scumbag she married.

Sweet Enemy has finally gotten interesting to the point where I am actually frustrated waiting for the next episode.

Hm. Didn’t expect that either.